Such interesting times that we live in today, and its amazing how technology has completely transformed today’s world. Sometimes, I think about what phones would be like in 100 years time and I can only but wonder. I imagine that phones would be rings worn on fingers activated by voice with cosmic displays!

So, how have you tapped into this great technology BOOM? As you would know, ServerPoint is passionate about bridging the digital divide in Nigeria and its our mission this year to digitize Nigeria. Our mission is to show you how to get the best out of technology, this we believe would improve your life and the Nation as a whole.

We recently came up with the word ‘APPRENEUR’. I do not know if this word has been used before elsewhere, however, the word Appreneur describes the person who manages an ‘App Business’.  Apps are the order of the day and they are going to be around for a very long time and are only going to get stronger, better and more efficient.

So, what does it take to own an app? or become an appreneur? Do you need to learn a programming language? or attend a computer school? The answer is NO!

The most important part of owning an App is having a great idea.

A unique idea.

A valuable idea.

An idea for an app that would solve a problem and add value to a target audience.

Really, all you need is ONE BIG IDEA!

And that is all!

Remember that FaceBook was an idea…….today Mark Zuckerberg’s networth is $73.1B

Remember that Microsoft was an idea……….today Bill Gates networth is $90.5B

Remember that Amazon was an idea…………today Jeff Bezos’ networth is $115.7B


So, dear reader, I ask you… you have an idea for an App? A great idea for an app would add value to so many people worldwide and could fetch you significant revenue.

You do not need to be techie AT ALL! All you need is a good idea for an app.

Next question is – how do I come up with a good idea for an App? The answer is, look for challenges and problems that people around you face everyday in different scenarios. Enlarge your thinking capacity.

Take UBER as a case study, they identified a problem, people standing frantically on the streets waiting for cabs.

The beautiful thing is that, Nigeria has so many challenges, people find it difficult to get SO MANY THINGS DONE! Hence, this provides an excellent opportunity for you to think of solutions.

Then the next question is – after I have thought about a good app, how do I build it? This is where we come in. Firstly, we brainstorm the idea to identify a unique selling point. Then we fine tune it, then we document it and you continue to own the idea. Our documentation services provides a road map and blue print for the design and development of your app. Then we develop it on your behalf and you own it. Our business development team would help monetize your app so that it earns you cash!

Abracadabra… are now an APPRENEUR!

So, are you ready to get started?

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About the Author

Adedamola Adewusi is the MD/CEO of ServerPoint Technology in Nigeria. He is a passionate I.C.T enthusiast who strongly believes that I.C.T is the very catalyst needed in Nigeria to drive change forward.

He is a certified software developer and seasoned software business analyst.

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