Code Tank

By ServerPoint Technology Nigeria

We are taking coding to the rural areas of Nigeria.

Incubator Model

The Code Tank lab provides power, internet, computers and a conducive working/learning environment for all youth that are interested in developing and improving their code skills.

Online Classes

Online training is also available for those who cannot visit our centers, this also includes live streaming of lectures, a virtual classroom and online collaboration between course mates.

Seminars & Workshops

Periodic seminars are held and professionals are invited to give talks to all attendees to show them how to increase their skills and add value.


To ascertain that a person has completed the training, certificates would be awarded. These certificates would be accepted by various business organisations in Nigeria to accept our attendees as interns in their organisations.

Our experts

Damola is a seasoned software development project manager and I.C.T consultant with certifications in software engineering and information systems management.

damola adewusi

.Tolu is a talented graphics designer and UI/UX design specialist. Her role in the the code tank lab is to impact members with professional design skills required in the market.

toluwanimi abu

Israel is a proficient software architect with a solid background in web & mobile development. He is responsible for coordinating members of the web development team.                                        


“I strongly believe that I.C.T is the catalyst needed to foster development in Nigeria. If the youth are engaged in software development, their time is judicously utilized while they acquire a skill that is useful in adding value to the society at large. Your involvement in this cause would help create a professional and develop our Nation.”

Damola Adewusi – Founder/CEO, ServerPoint Technology

Our partners


About Code Tank Lab

Code Tank Lab is an initiative of ServerPoint Technology to create skill acquisition in software engineering among the jobless youth of Nigeria.

Our mission

Our mission is to divert the restless energy of the Nigerian youth from using computers for negative use to positive use. Hence, teaching them how to generate revenue by developing solutions that add value to SMEs.

Our offer

  • Fully equipped training facility
  • Experienced facilitators
  • Job Placement
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