I love Nigeria! Yes, that is my opening line. I am passionate about technology and I have a theory that says ‘technology can solve all of our challenges in Nigeria’. Yes, challenges…not problems.

Think about it, for the Government, technology can help with transparency and improve public service, for health care, it can help to save more lives, for the dwindling economy, technology can help to empower business people….the list goes on and on.

We have a lot to learn from our western neighbours. One thing that all developed countries have in common is the fact that they have imbibed a culture of technology. Technology has become a way of life. In most under developed countries, technology is still STRANGE! So, connect the dots….to develop as a Nation, we have to completely embrace technology. Moreover, before we can fully embrace technology, we have to build the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a technology revolution. Infrastructure such as efficient internet service, affordable hardware and stable power supply.

ServerPoint has a BIG vision, to emphasize the relevance of technology in Africa and we are on a mission to enlighten the general populace and ignite a hunger for technology in our local market.

The benefits of technology are astronomical – consider the female trader who has 3 children, a husband and a home to take care of (and this is the typical African setting). She gets up early to prepare the children for school and rushes off to the market to sell her goods. Its a herculean life style that promotes hard ship and ill health. However, if this female trader has learnt to adopt technology, then she can manage sales of all her goods from an E-Commerce site via her mobile phone. Now she can increase her open hours, she can display more goods than her physical shop can accommodate and she does not need to step a foot out of her house. How brilliant is that? This is just a simple illustration of how technology can improve lifestyle, increase efficiency and reduce over heads.

So, I love Nigeria and I love technology…..join the dots and you will immediately discover the ‘driving force’ of ServerPoint Technology.

As the MD/CEO of ServerPoint Technology, I want to ignite a fire in your mind to approach every challenge as a solution provider, for in the midst of so many challenges, there are abundant solutions and this is the secret of success. Solve problems, add value and make life easier for all, these are the guiding principles of ServerPoint Technology.

I have 3 certifications awarded to me by Microsoft Partnered institutions, namely Certificate of Proficiency in Information Systems Management, a Diploma in Information Systems Management and a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering, awarded with distinction.

My journey in the world of Technology has spanned close to 15 years. My experience has seen me through being a Computer Science Tutor in a primary school, a lecturer in a Software College, an EUS engineer for an I.C.T consulting company, an IT Help desk support technician at a commercial bank, and a Software Business  Analyst for a software development company. Put together, this work experience has seen me through people of different ages, and diverse backgrounds. It has fabricated in me an ability to manage clients with uttermost professionalism that always leaves my clients smiling.

I implore you to bring your next software project to ServerPoint and experience our level of professionalism and expertise. A trial will convince you. You can reach me directly by sending an email to damola.adewusi@serverpointnig.com.

Till I hear from you……I leave you with this…...EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY!


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